Introduce your police evidence room to modern web technology
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Barcode based evidence management built by Law Enforcement

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From desktop to mobile

Responsive Design

See your evidence arranged your way, Work on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. There isn't a device class you can't use.

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For today and tomorrow

Secure and Scalable

Industry leading database backend, Grows with your department, Delivers the security you need .

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You already know how to use it

Intuitive Controls

Built by Cops - We know accuracy and efficiency matter, that's why we built it.

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Meeting your needs

Customized for you

Designed to be flexible and accurate - On the street, In the courtroom, Through accreditation

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Catching the bad guy and making the case in court depends on accurate and efficient recordkeeping. You won’t find a group that understands it better than the team at PD Evidence.

Lieutenant Harry Giordano, Retired
Commanding Officer, Records & Identification Unit
Philadelphia Police Department, PA